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bulletDigital Process Controller
bulletBig Display
bulletDigital Indicator
bulletLoadcell Indicator
bulletFrequency, LS ,RPM Meter
bulletVoltage Meter
bulletAmpere Meter
bulletPower Meter
bulletProtection Relay
bulletHour counter
bulletProximity Switch
bulletSolid State Relay & SCR
bulletHeat sink
bulletHumidity&Temperature Transmitter
bulletThermocouple & PT100
bulletAnalog Signal Transmitter
bulletPressure Transmitter
bulletSwitching Power Supply
bullet(HMI)Touch Screen & PLC
bulletCurrent Transformer
bulletDC shunt resister
bulletVolt / Amp Simulater
bulletHeater Break Alarm
bulletFlow sensor
bulletLinear Scale
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RM1006C 6 Points Hybrid Recoder article

เครื่องบันทึกอุณหภูมิ/สัญญาณอนาลอก ยีห้อ Ohkura,Toho,Sigma,Shinko และ Brainchild   พร้อมทั้งจำหน่ายอะไหล่ในการซ่อม ปลีก-ส่ง รวมไปถึงสินค้าตัวใหม่ สำหรับการขยายงาน หรือแทนของเดิม ไม่ว่าจะเป็นแบบปากกา 1 ช่อง , 2 ช่อง และแบบ6 ช่อง 6 สี ,ความกว้างกราฟ 100 mm

Hybrid Recorder

Outline RM10C is a 100㎜ recorder with large-sized digital indication display.
There are Pen recording and Dot point recording, and Pen recording is 1&2 continuous pen recording, and Dot point recording is 6 dot point recorder.

■ The size of depth is short
    Making the size of depth 150㎜, the structure has become able to be attached to small panels. This contributes to lower the total cost.
■ Excellent resistance against dust and water
    The structure which is tolerable against installment in the unfavorable environment (foods, incinerator etc.): IP65 is adopted for the front door.
Large sized LED indication
    Adopted large size LED; the letter size is 18㎜.
Excellent operational function
    Adopted 5 keys that are easy to operate and standardized operational process.
Standardization of consumables
    Considering customers' usability, consumables are standardized.

Input signals

  Linear voltage: ±10mV, 0~20mV, 0~50mV, ±200mV, ±1V, ±10V、0~5V
  Thermal electro resistance:  R,S,B,K,E,J,T,C,N, PR40-20, PLⅡ, Au-Fe, U, L
  Temperature resisting body: Pt100, JPt100
  linear currency: 4~20mA DC (Shunt resistance outer attachment: 250Ω)

Functions and features
  Digital accuracy regulations: By the range table(By the measurement range of mV, V input. TC and RTD are individual)
  Insensitive zone: within 0.2%
  Input resistance: mV, TC(No burn out); 10MΩ+
       mV, TC(Burn out); 200kΩ+
        V ; 1MΩ+
       mA ; 250Ω (Shunt resistance; outer attachment)
  Permitted signal power supply. ; mV,TC(No burn out); below 10kΩ
         mV, TC(Burn out); below 100kΩ
         V ; below 1kΩ
         RTD;  below 10Ω(per 1 line)
  Normal mode removal ratio; 60dB + (50/60±0.1Hz)
  Common code removal ratio; 140dB +(50/60 ±0.1Hz)
  Insulated resistance; each terminal - earth---0.5kV DC 20MΩ
           1.5kV DC, 1 min.
  Voltage resistant ; Between power supply terminal and connected terminal ; 1.5kV AC, 1min.
       Between input terminal and connected terminal; 0.5kV AC, 1min.
       Betweeb input terminals; 0.2kV AC, 1min.
  Between channels maximum noise voltage: 200V AC at 50/60Hz
  Vibration resistant: 10~60Hz less than 1m/s
  Shock resistant: Less than 2m/s
  Time accuracy : less than ±50ppm
  Recording paper sender accuracy regulation : less than ±0.1%(However, the elasticity of the paper is not included in case of sending more than 1000㎜)

  Installation: Built-in panel (vertical panel); installment angle backward inclination within 30°
  Material(color):  Case; Poly Carbonate (Black)
        Glass 10% UL94 - V2
  Door: Dust proof, Jet stream proof(IEC529-IP65 base)

• True Hybrid Design - Units offer fully programmable features including: input types, chart speed, data recording session and intervals, scaling, alarm points, etc.

• True Multi-Input - Units feature true multi-input capabilities: 13 thermocouple types, 1 RTD type, 1 current inputs, and 7 voltage inputs.

• Computer Communications - All units feature RS-232C communication interface.

• Large/Full Function LED Display- All units feature full function digital display of channel number, PV value, and recording and alarm status, etc. Bright red 18mm display.

• 1, 2, And 6 Point Versions Available - Units are available in either 1 or 2 channel, or 6 point recording versions.

• Designed For Harsh Environments - Units rated to IP65, and constructed of flame resistant resin.

• Compact Design - Unit measures only 150 mm in depth and weighs less than 1.5kg.

• Safety Approvals - UL, CSA and CE Safety Approvals.

• Warranty - All units manufactured to strict ISO standards and offer full 2 year manufacturers warranty.

• Low Cost - Most advanced price/performance package available.

How to Order:

Model Base Instrument  
RM1001C 1 Pen Recorder  
RM1002C 2 Pen Recorder  
RM1006C 6 Point Recorder  
Code Communication Interface
0 RS-232,Standard
1 RS-485  
Code DI/DO (Relay)
0 None  
1 6DO (Relay) for RM1006C
  3DO (Relay) for RM1001/2C
2 3DI  
3 6DO (Relay) + 3DI for RM1006C
  3DO (Relay) + 3DI for RM1001/2C
Code Chart Sensor
0 None,Standard
10 Provided


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